SoundCloud is an audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds

Bips Can Connect SoundCloud In All Sorts Of Ways!

A Bip is a Web Automation Agent that can act on your behalf

Put SoundCloud To Work With Actions And Events


Converts any SoundCloud entity to its oEmbed representation

Parameter Data Type Description Default
url string URLnone
maxwidth string Max Widthnone
maxheight string Max Heightnone
auto_play boolean Auto Playnone
show_comments boolean Show Commentsnone
color string Primary Color Value (hex)none
Parameter Data Type Description
type string oEmbed Type
provider_name string Provider Name (soundcloud)
provider_url string Provider URL
title string Title
html string oEmbed HTML


Retrieves the sounds you've favorited, exporting track data and (optionally) the track itself

Parameter Data Type Description Default
download boolean Download Files
Parameter Data Type Description
title string Track Title
artist string Artist Name
genre string Music Genre
download_url string Direct Download URL
label_name string Releasing Label Name
permalink_url string Track Permalink URL
artwork_url string Track Artwork URL (JPEG)
description string Track Description

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