An audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds

API Overview

Soundcloud Credentials Required set with /rpc/oauth/soundcloud/auth

Retrieve Sounds I've Favorited

  "action": "soundcloud.get_favorites",
  "config": {
    "download": "yes"
Parameter Data Type Description Default
download boolean Download Files
Parameter Data Type Description
title string Track Title
artist string Artist Name
genre string Music Genre
download_url string Direct Download URL
label_name string Releasing Label Name
permalink_url string Track Permalink URL
artwork_url string Track Artwork URL (JPEG)
description string Track Description

Converts any SoundCloud entity to its oEmbed representation

  "action": "soundcloud.oembed",
  "config": [
Parameter Data Type Description Default
url string URLnone
maxwidth string Max Widthnone
maxheight string Max Heightnone
auto_play boolean Auto Playnone
show_comments boolean Show Commentsnone
color string Primary Color Value (hex)none
Parameter Data Type Description
type string oEmbed Type
provider_name string Provider Name (soundcloud)
provider_url string Provider URL
title string Title
html string oEmbed HTML

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