The Syndication Pod lets you subscribe to or create syndications such as RSS/ATOM/JSON or your own custom time-series lists, logs and content feeds.

Bips Can Connect Syndication In All Sorts Of Ways!

A Bip is a Web Automation Agent that can act on your behalf

Put Syndication To Work With Actions And Events


Stores content for adjacent channels

Parameter Data Type Description Default
write_mode string Write Modenone
export_file boolean Export File
export_file_name string Exported File Namenone
header string File Headernone
Parameter Data Type Description Default
line_item string Line Itemnone
export_file_name string Exported File Namenone
Parameter Data Type Description
line_item string Line Item

Add Articles To Your Own Syndication

Parameter Data Type Description Default
twitter_handle string Twitter Handlenone
github_handle string Github Usernamenone
dribble_handle string Dribble Usernamenone
purge_after string Expire Afternone
Parameter Data Type Description Default
title string Titlenone
description text Descriptionnone
summary text Article Summarynone
url string Source URLnone
created_time string UTC Created Timenone
author string Authornone
image string Imagenone
icon string Source Iconnone
category string Category Namenone


Subscribes To An RSS/ATOM/RDF Feed

Parameter Data Type Description Default
url string Feed URLnone
icon string Icon URLnone
Parameter Data Type Description
guid string GUID
title string Title
description string Description
summary string Article Summary
link string Link
date string Date
pubdate string Published Date
author string Author
image string Image
icon string Source Icon

We Make Connecting Syndication To Your Favorite Services, Super Simple

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