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Creates a Bip using default settings, where name has been derived from the domain portion of either a HTTP Referer header or explicit referer argument. When omitted, the system will attempt to derive an appropriate icon_url for the generated Bip.

This resource is a /rest/bip wrapper and supports GET requests only. The REST interface for the generated Bip can be accessed via the returned _href decorator.

Parameter Data Type Description
referer String, URI Referring URI, Any URI Scheme
Decorators augment a resource record with useful meta-data and are read-only
Parameter Description Example
_href Record URI https://api.bip.io/rest/bip/cf01c8ec-e542-46ce-9895-74b6ea3fcf5b
_repr Derived Bip Representation ycombinator@docs.bip.io
_imp_actual Actual Impressions, the number of messages received by this bip 349587

RPC Examples

REQUEST NOTE you can use either a Referer header or a referer argument
GET /rpc/bip/create_from_referer?referer=http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=feralmoan HTTP/1.1
Referer: http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=feralmoan
200 OK

    id: "bc928113-0a98-4975-a821-98373aa72551",
    name: "ycombinator",
    domain_id: "31b3a2db-4ea4-d1c8-b35d-00004d00b4d7",
    type: "smtp",
    config: { },
    hub: {
        source: {
            edges: [
    note: "via news.ycombinator.org",
    end_life: {
        time: 0,
        imp: 0
    paused: false,
    icon: "https://bip.io/static/img/cdn/icofactory/9d99e2ad9a751b7850f5a00a9c184c62.ico",
    created: "1358816085282",
    _imp_actual: 0,
    _repr: "ycombinator@docs.bip.io",
    _href: "https://api.bip.io/rest/bip/bc928113-0a98-4975-a821-98373aa72552"